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From Yesterday To Today FER BAL

From grandfather to grandchild, master of beekeeping art and founder of FER BAL Selçuk SOLMAZ;

Beekeeping is as old as human history, if honey is not consumed, human beings will not die, but if they die, it will be the end of mankind.

ARI SPECIALIST Selçuk SOLMAZ and Melih Fer SOLMAZ, with 36 years of experience, continues to describe the benefits of pure, unadulterated honey and bee products.

Specialist SOLMAZ; Between 1978 and 1990, he worked extensively on the establishment of Beekeeping Facilities of a private foundation and exhibited efficient and comprehensive studies on technical and theoretical beekeeping.

In 1990, he started to produce bee and bee products with the FER brand in his MELİS ARI ÇİFTLİĞİ. Specialists in the production work have used scientific methods in constant collaboration with universities academicians.