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Confidentiality agreement


Your credit card information is not recorded on ferbal.com.tr site. Since your credit card information is not registered on our site, it is not possible for others to view and seize the information.


Your personal information (such as name, surname, email) you have used at ferbal.com.tr shopping site is not shared with other people and organizations.


Only you can access, change or delete the information you give while you are a member. The information used to register with ferbal.com.tr is used solely for our own analysis.


All the graphics, texts and pictures used at ferbal.com.tr shopping site belong to ferbal.com.tr site and all legal rights are reserved in case of unauthorized use.


There may be links to different web sites on ferbal.com.tr site. The security provided by ferbal.com.tr only applies within the site, it does not cover other sites with or without links.


ferbal.com.tr site may cancel or freeze the membership of those who do not comply with the terms of membership or do not act ethically.


ferbal.com.tr reserves the right to change any information.